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Support us:
with donations or prayers!

Without your vocation, the world would be a sadder place. And without your support, we couldn't do our work. Help us provide guidance to you and others! With a small donation or a prayer.

Kein Titel (1366 × 8000 px).png

It doesn't take much money ...

Image by Hannah Busing

... to help us do more!

Many of our projects rely on financial assistance. We are grateful that the non-profit organization "Rogamus: Berufungen für Deutschland e.V." supports our work. Whether small or large amounts, every donation helps us fulfill our mission!

Pray with us!

Become a member of our prayer community.

Without prayer, everything is nothing. Over 2,000 prayers have joined us already. Day by day, they pray for young people to find their vocation. And they carry in prayer all those who are already following their calling. Become part of our rogamus community!

Image by Maria Oswalt
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