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8 Things You Should Do at World Youth Day...


The Challenge for World Youth Day in Lisbon 2023

World Youth Day is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on your vocation. You are traveling with thousands of people who are asking the same questions as you!


Here are 8 things you can do at World Youth Day to get closer to the answer of what God has called you to:

#1: Sharpen your senses - #hereandnow

Strange people, foreign languages, unfamiliar culture: The time of World Youth Day is exciting and full of new experiences. Let your friends know that you are currently on the go and won't be on your phone as much. If you respond to messages or post pictures once in the morning and once in the evening, that's sufficient. Take time for Portugal and the people around you!

#2: Ask your companions - #yourvocation

On your bus, in your community, and in your group, you are traveling with people who have already found their vocation: pastors, religious, deacons, or priests. Ask them to tell you about their vocation. You can ask, "How did you actually find your vocation?" or "How did you know you were on the right path with your vocation?" They will be happy to share their stories - trust us! :)

#3: Get to know holy and blessed role models - #holymoly

A computer nerd, a scout, a princess, and a lawbreaker: Carlo Acutis, Marcel Callo, Joanna of Portugal, and María Clara del Niño Jesús are just four of the 13 patrons of World Youth Day. Take the time to learn more about one of these saints and blesseds.

#4: Take time for prayer - #offtime

Treat yourself to a bit of quiet. Whenever you are in a church or when it becomes quiet around you, say a short prayer. Before Mass or catechesis, before sleeping or on the bus. God is always with you, and you can entrust your future into His loving hands. For example, you can pray:

"Good God, You have placed so much goodness in me. You have gifted me with talents so that I can follow Your Son. You let me dream so that I don't lose sight of my goal. Guide me and the people who are traveling with me to our vocation. Amen."

#5: Read the Bible - #bibletime

The Bible is full of inspiring stories of people who follow God's call - from Adam and Eve to Paul or Mary Magdalene. Read a few minutes from the Bible every day. You can read it from A to Z, or simply open a new page at random every day.

#6: Write down your thoughts - #vocationthoughts

Whether an inspiring quote, a Bible verse, or your own thoughts about your life and future: Write them down. Maybe in a journal or simply in the note-taking app on your smartphone. This will help you sort your thoughts and remember what God wants to tell you. If you're not sure where to start, you can try these questions: 1. What am I grateful for today? 2. Where have I acted in a way that Jesus would be proud of me today? 3. What have I learned about myself today?

#7: Find someone to accompany you - #spiritualorientation

Find a priest, a spiritual counselor, or someone with whom you can talk about your faith and the search for your vocation. It is incredibly valuable to receive the perspective, questions, and insights from someone who is not part of your daily life. Companions are not "deciders" who predict your vocation for you. They support you on your journey, encourage you, and help you hear God's voice in your life. Don't know who to approach? Write to us, and we will think about it together with you!

#8: Trust in God - #heismystrength

The path to your vocation is long and rarely straight. Don't worry if you don't yet know where your path is leading. You can trust that God has a plan for your life. Frère Roger, the founder of the Taizé Community, once said, "Live what you have understood from the Gospel. Even if it is very little. But live it." If you do that, your vocation cannot be far away :)

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